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Amazing breeder!! She and her daughter were a pleasure to work with! Thank you for everything! We love our little Harvey so much!! We can’t thank you enough for bringing him into our lives!



Best family to work with when finding a new little puppy to add to the family.
They went above and beyond to assist myself and my wife.
We will forever be grateful for little Milo "Jaq"



Super nice people and adorable puppies. I had fantastic and pleasant experience and I am in love with my "new son".

Our Puppy was featured on Joel Osteen

Summer Nilson Havanese.webp

"Harley is so sweet. You can tell how smart he is. He comes immediately when you tell him to come. Taught him to sit. Sleeps from like 10-7. Never cried through the night. He is sure getting lots of love, we all love him. Answer to prayer. He is so good! Oh and he goes so easy outside, don't have to wait long at all. He loves riding in our golf cart, there is a special little spot for him." 


Nick and Summer Nilson

Lakewood Church


Tammy and Gizmo

Tiny Jewel Pups Gizmo Havanese Puppy

June 17, 2019


"Hey there! Just wanted to send a picture of this precious thing! I never thought I could love another dog more than my beagle but holy moly this puppy has my heart 110%! He’s spoiled rotten! He was making my daughter hold him so he could see me better while I cleaned up the kitchen 😂"


March 20, 2019 

"I just had to text you and tell you we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect puppy! He’s the absolute sweetest little guy! The first night we put him in a crate and he cried for about 5 minutes and then went to sleep and I had to wake him at 7am! Last night he cried for about 30 seconds and slept until 7 again! I honestly am in disbelief how perfect he is! I just wanted you to know. 😊"


Tiny Jewel Pups Gizmo the Havanese Puppy

Three Musketeers

Tiny Jewel Pups Havanese Puppies
Tiny Jewel Pups Havanese Puppies

"Absolutely adorable! They are having tons of fun together like a little pack.  Potty training is going remarkably well. Winnie is really smart and spunky and growing by leaps and bounds. She loves to swim.  Zuzu is sweet and lovey. She is still tiny but healthy sweet and happy. Couldn't love them more!"

Dr Blaine and Dr Susan


The Life Of Riley

"Riley is amazing. Very happy, great personality and loves to play. He should be in the ad for BilJac Puppy Food... he loves it!!! He's still a small little guy. Last vet visit was two weeks ago. Weighed in at 2 pounds 8 ounces. They all love him at our vet and each one has checked out your website. They're all impressed with Riley!!! He simply 'wins everyone's heart'!!!"

"Riley out for a ride in his booster seat. He's truly such a delight and happy little guy." ------------>


Chihuahua Babies

Tiny Jewel Pups Chihuahua Puppies
Tiny Jewel Pups Chihuahua Puppies

"I was amazed at how good they were with children. They were so tolerant and loving. You guys seriously breed the sweetest pups! EVERYONE we meet says they hate Chihuahuas. Then... they meet Dolly and Conchita and now they love them.


Lol!!! I don't want kids, I want Chihuahuas!"

Natalie and Jose

Lulu the Havanese

Tiny Jewel Pups Lulu the Havanese Puppy
Tiny Jewel Pups Lulu the Havanese Puppy

"She is perfect as perfect can be!! We love Lulu!! 

She is so smart!!

Our little Lulu is growing up ?? She is such a doll!! We are so in love!!


"Buying this dog from you was one of the best decisions I made. Thank you for that!"

Joni Cunningham

Charlie the Havanese

Tiny Jewel Pups Charlie the Havanese
Google Yelp
Tiny Jewel Pups Sherlock the Havanese

"Hi Brenda! I wanted to give you an update on Sherlock! He is just the best pup in the world 😍 I wanted to thank you again for the amazing experience given back in February. I just left a Google review as well."

Andrea Saenz

April 3, 2022

"Good morning. I just wanted to let TJP now that our sweet boy Sherlock turned 1 today! Thought I'd share a few photos for the ones that first loved and cared for him. Thank you for a sweet and affectionate boy 🥰"

Andrea Saenz

September 8, 2022

Tiny Jewel Pups Sherlock the Havanese
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