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Our Story

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When we get a call from someone looking for their new family member, we are excited about the opportunity to help them find the perfect companion. Our love for the Havanese, Chihuahua and Designer breeds has driven our passion to raise happy and healthy puppies. What started out with finding the right tiny jewel pup for our family has grown into a dedication and commitment to becoming experts in breeding and caring for our little furry friends.

We leave no stone unturned, educating ourselves on all aspects of nurturing and caring for our tiny jewel pups. We spend countless hours making certain we are doing everything we can to provide the very best in care, environment, and love so that every Tiny Jewel Pup we provide for your families are happy and healthy. 

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This is why our entire family is involved. Our children care for and play with our tiny jewel pups to encourage them to be loving, social and happy pups. My daughters have become professional groomers and are dedicated to doing their very best for our pets and for your new companions! We have worked with top veterinarians to know exactly what is needed and when. Because of the many requests for healthy, happy, high quality pups, we found 2 other like minded families to work with so we could keep up with the growing demand. These families are as dedicated to loving and caring for their canine family as we are and that makes for a great partnership. 

Our mission is simple: We are committed to providing the highest quality, most beautiful, healthiest and happiest Tiny Jewel Pups for families who will provide the same love and care as we do.

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