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Shipping Policy

Some puppies are not available for shipping. Call to check if the puppy you are interested in can be shipped.


We do offer shipping to the US at a flat fee of $495 on some puppies. This includes any health certificates required, crate, food for the trip, delivery to airport and all other arrangements necessary to get your tiny jewel pup to you. 

We also offer a V.I.P. service where we will hand-deliver your tiny jewel pup to the nearest airport at an additional fee. Call for rates.

Our Guarantee

 We guarantee the health of your new puppy at the time you take him or her home. We give you 72 hours from time you receive your tiny jewel pup provided you have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within that time period. If the puppy is found to be unhealthy then we ask that you notify us the same day and make arrangements to bring the puppy back. We will need a letter from the veterinarian explaining the puppy’s condition. Please understand, we will not be responsible for any veterinarian bills or for the expense of sending the puppy back.


If you decide to keep the puppy then this agreement is no longer applicable. Also, because all dogs can come in contact with common canine parasites such as coccidia or giardia, these are not reasons for a replacement puppy. Once we have the puppy, we will immediately take him or her to see our veterinarian to examine the puppy. If our vet is in agreement with your vet then we will replace the puppy. Replacement shipping will be your responsibility. This is a replacement guarantee only, no cash refunds. As stated earlier, we cannot in any way be responsible for any veterinary bills.


We may need up to one year from purchase date to find a suitable replacement. Also, we hope you understand that we cannot guarantee the reproductability, adult size, coat color, or personality of the puppy. We will do our best to presume adult size and characteristics based on our experience and on characteristics of dam and sire.



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