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Designer Puppies For Sale

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All prices include tax and puppy care package.

What is a Designer Puppy?

 Pure bred dogs are combined intentionally to create designer breeds. In some cases, the dog may have more than two breeds in his/her bloodline. This optimizes the best characteristics of each parent. We do this to increase quality in their personality, looks, and health. If the parents are strongly hypoallergenic, such as the Toy Poodle and the Havanese, then your puppy will be exceptionally hypoallergenic. Therefore, designer breeds are quite literally the best of both worlds.


Daily brushing for about 5-10 minutes will keep your new puppy’s coat shiny and soft. We suggest bathing every 1-2 weeks as necessary. We follow the 4 B’s: Brush, Bathe, Blow-dry, Brush again. When you take your pup to the groomer, get him/her a “puppy-cut” until they’re 6 months old. This will ensure your fur baby's coat is nice and healthy


We recommend beginning training once your puppy is comfortable with you. Positive reinforcement is essential for this breed. This includes treats, verbal encouragement, etc. Be sure to get treats without rawhide, as they can be fully ingested. We suggest the brand Dreambones which can be found at most pet stores.

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