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Designer Puppies For Sale
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All prices include tax and puppy care package.

What is a Designer Puppy?


You know those super cute pups that have the best of both worlds? They're designer breeds, baby! These cuties are made by mixing two different purebred dogs to create a pup with unique and adorable characteristics. It's like combining a chocolate bar and a marshmallow - you get something even more delicious than either of the individual ingredients.


Designer breeds come in all shapes and sizes, so you're sure to find one that fits your lifestyle and personality. Want a small dog that's perfect for cuddling? Try a Havapoo (Havanese and Toy Poodle mix). Need a hypoallergenic buddy that won't make you sneeze? Look for a Maltipoo (Maltese and Toy Poodle mix). Whatever you're looking for in a furry friend, chances are there's a designer breed out there that's just right for you.


So if you want a pup that's totally unique and totally adorable, check out our designer breed puppies. They're like a mixtape of all the best doggy traits, and they're sure to steal your heart and become your new best friend in no time.


Get ready to put on your doggy training pants, because designer breeds like the Havapoo and Maltipoo are some of the smartest pups around! These cuties are eager to please and love learning new tricks, making them a breeze to train. It's like they have an endless supply of doggy brainpower - they soak up new commands like a sponge, and can master complex tasks in no time.


The Havapoo, with its Havanese and Poodle heritage, is especially known for being a quick learner. These pups are great at obedience training, agility, and even performing in shows! Meanwhile, the Maltipoo - a Maltese and Poodle mix - is just as eager to please and learn new things. These pups are known for their charming personalities and make great therapy dogs, thanks to their ability to quickly learn how to comfort and connect with people.


So if you want a pup that's easy to train and eager to please, designer breeds like the Havapoo and Maltipoo are the way to go. Just grab some treats, a positive attitude, and get ready to watch your furry friend impress you with their intelligence and trainability!

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