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Chihuahua Puppies For Sale
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All prices include tax and puppy care package.

Chihuahua 101

Fearless, affectionate, gentle

Chihuahuas are definitely one of the cutest creatures on Earth! They love to be carried around and pampered which makes them one of the most popular small breeds. Chihuahuas are the smallest breed in the world. They are the ultimate lap dog. Those large puppy-dog eyes practically beg us to pick them up. A common misconception is that they are vocal, however, our puppies defeat this idea.


For short coats Chihuahuas, we suggest a bath every 2 weeks or as necessary.  For these little fur babies, a groom will most likely include a nail trim and a bath, so grooming will not need to be done as often as other breeds. However, for long coats Chihuahuas, weekly brushing and a biweekly bath will keep your puppy’s hair soft and adorable. They will also need a groom every 6-8 weeks.


We recommend beginning training once your puppy is comfortable with you. Positive reinforcement is essential for this breed. This includes treats, verbal encouragement, etc. Be sure to get treats without rawhide, as they can be fully ingested. We suggest the brand Dreambones which can be found at most pet stores. Chihuahuas are intelligent and enthusiastic so training should be a breeze!

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