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Your new Havanese is

  1. Bred for companionship that acclimates to your mood.

  2. Hypoallergenic and non-shedding.

  3. Lap sized traveling companion that is easy to train. 



Amazing breeder!! She and her daughter were a pleasure to work with! Thank you for everything! We love our little Harvey so much!! We can’t thank you enough for bringing him into our lives!


Best family to work with when finding a new little puppy to add to the family.
They went above and beyond to assist myself and my wife.
We will forever be grateful for little Milo "Jaq"


Super nice people and adorable puppies. I had fantastic and pleasant experience and I am in love with my "new son".


The Wonders of the Hypoallergenic Havanese

Thankfully, the great news for dog lovers who suffer from allergies and asthma is that the beautiful Havanese is one of the few breeds that are hypoallergenic dogs! For those who buy Havanese puppies, these tiny jewel pups are not only amazing companions, but their silky hair is great for people looking for a canine friend who won’t trigger these nasty allergic symptoms. 


So how is it that the Havanese are hypoallergenic dogs. There are several different qualities that set the amazing Havanese breed apart from the rest and classified as hypoallergenic dogs. One of the factors is that the Havanese do not drool much. Another is that their gorgeous, silky, double layered coat will shed very little thus producing hardly any dander, the element that tends to trigger allergic reactions. Although no dog can be a completely hypoallergenic dog, these amazing qualities of the Havanese are enough to eliminate the adverse reaction in people suffering from allergies. 


About this Breed. 


The Havanese Coat and Physical Appearance


As loving owners and breeders of this amazing jewel breed, we can tell you that the Havanese have many great qualities that make it a fantastic dog for families, singles and couples alike. 


For example, the breed is available in a wide variety of colors! We have seen Black, White, Havana Brown, Mahogany, Fawn, Tobacco, Chocolate, and Red, just to name a few.  Just take a look at our Havanese puppies for sale to see the gorgeous colors they come in. We have been breeding Havanese puppies for 8 years and have been awe struck by the gorgeous color palette in the Havanese. In most of these tiny jewel pups, their long, silky coats are multi-colored called Parti. Their beautiful silky coats tend to have a bit of a wave in it. Although this gorgeous coat requires some maintenance, according to my daughter Paige (a professional groomer) if you have them clipped in a “puppy cut”, that will reduce the number of times you will need to groom your beautiful new companion. 


These happy and very adaptable dogs, the Havanese are hypoallergenic dogs producing much less dander than other dog breeds. They will not drool very much and another great quality I was looking for in our companion, they don’t bark excessively either. This is another major reason I chose the Havanese in my search for our family pet, which translated into our breeding this wonderful dog. 


This little dog is a fantastic option for those who are living in small areas, such as an apartment, as well as those who have roommates. This tiny jewel only grows to about 11 inches and weighs under 14 pounds. Our breeding family range from 8 to 12 pounds. 


Havanese Temperament


This affectionate, sweet little toy dog has a fantastic personality! We describe them as affectionate, playful and the GREATEST COMPANION dog we have ever had. Our Havanese are incredibly loyal to our family and their “owner” specifically. Known as the “Velcro Dog”, these little guys have an intense desire to stick close to the those they love. It’s wonderful when you want a companion who shows unconditional love, wanting nothing more than to be with you. If you browse through some of the videos of our Havanese puppies for sale, you can see just how much they love playing and snuggling. 


They are lively and extremely bright little dogs that are low-shedding. Combined with the fact that they are not very drooly and will produce very little dander than other dog breeds, they are absolutely great for people with dog allergies. 


These little dogs are very intelligent and curious about everything. We would describe them as overtly friendly to family members and other pets. Sometimes they are shy around strangers until they get to know them, then the love pours. The spritely little Havanese absolutely thrives off his or her owners’ love and attention, never getting enough of it. Our little Havanese follow us everywhere and don’t like being left alone for any lengthy period of time. They love to play, but interestingly enough, do not require a lot of exercise like other dog breeds. And because of their hearty stature, they are much more resilient than other toy dogs, making them a better choice for families with children.