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Tiny Jewel Pups Our Story



Welcome To Tiny Jewel Pups

The magical world of the most adorable Havanese, Toy Poodle, Chihuahua, Yorkie, and designer breeds you've ever seen! We specialize in creating exquisite furry friends, combining the sparkle of jewels and the cuddles of love in each and every one of our pups.


Tiny Jewel Pups is located in Houston, Texas and specializes in breeding sparkling purebreds such as the adorable Yorkies, smart Toy Poodles, and cuddly Havanese. But wait, there's more! Our distinctive designer breeds are genuinely one-of-a-kind, combining the greatest characteristics of our chosen pups to create a one-of-a-kind canine treasure.

Our Commitment.


Our dedication to quality goes beyond breeding, as we make certain that each puppy comes from a healthy, happy lineage and is fostered in a nurturing environment. Our puppies are meant to become well-rounded, socialized members of your family with adequate veterinary care, plenty of playtime, and tons of love.


So, whether you're looking for a vivacious Chihuahua to liven up your life, an eager Toy Poodle to accompany you on excursions, a loving Havanese to snuggle with, or a self-assured Yorkie to strut by your side, Tiny Jewel Pups has the perfect furry gem for you. And if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind designer breed, you've come to the perfect place!


Check It Out.


Explore our website, admire our portfolio of canine jewels, and prepare to fall head over paws in love with your new best friend. We have lots of great tools and information including breed informationcaring for your new puppy, dog food calculator, small breed dog training, FAQs, and much more. So sit back and explore all we have to offer and come back often because we add new content daily. Tiny Jewel Pups is thrilled to assist you in discovering the dazzling gem that will brighten your life with love, luxury, and perfect companionship.


Welcome to Tiny Jewel Pups, where love and sweetness shine brighter than the sun! 🐾💎💖

Treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind Small Breed or Teacup Puppies for sale from Tiny Jewel Pups (Small Dog Breeder). Don't be fooled by imitators or copycats. We are the only Tiny Jewel Pups!







Tiny Jewel Pups Havanese Puppy
















Featured Puppy

Sienna and Rosie
the H

Tiny Jewel Pups Havanese Puppies



Havanese are bred solely for companionship. Our Havanese are made for loving which is the greatest therapeutic tool ever! They will acclimate to your mood instantly. If you want to have a fun time playing, they are happy to accommodate. Relaxing is just as good of an option for your Havanese puppy. Havanese are extraordinary dogs! Our Havanese puppies are fun, cuddly, dedicated, happy and gentle. What a great family pet!



A Chihuahua is a compact, alert, sweet bundle of fun. Your Chihuahua is confident and very unaware of his size. He will stand up to the largest breeds without hesitation. Our Chihuahuas are friendly, cuddly and loyal. These Chihuahuas are over the top with personality. They are comical, entertaining and love to burrow. Chihuahuas are amazing dogs in the tiniest package!

Tiny Jewel Pups Chihuahua
Tiny Jewel Pups Yorkie Puppy

Yorkshire Terrier


Yorkies are a tiny, toy size, intelligent and confident breed. They have a gorgeous silky, sleek coat in a variety of colors. Yorkies have an adventurous and spunky spirit. The Yorkshire terrier is a great sporty dog, a therapy dog and makes a fabulous companion for a family. They are also a nice travel size pup. Our Yorkie pups are extemely popular and we love breeding these Tiny Jewel Pups.



Designer breeds make wonderful family pets. Most of our designer pups are bred with Havanese or Toy Poodle, giving each breed a hypoallergenic and non-shedding coat. Each designer litter is bred with the intention of enhancing the strong qualities of each parent. Our goal is for you to have the perfect designer puppy with the best overall qualities!

Tiny Jewel Pups Designer Puppies

"We are in heaven!

Your dogs are everything the reviews say...and I was skeptical about how perfect puppies could be!!!

It did take us six hours to get back home from Houston as that winter storm rocked Interstate 10 but once we got home, she fit right in!!!"

Wendy with Paris the Havanese

Wendy then sent her son Zack to find the perfect puppy for him. He decided on the Aussiedoodle Marvel.  Her text after Zack got Marvel home.

"Thank you for your patience with Zack, filled my mom heart to see him with the 'right' dog. Your willingness to see that the dog and person match, makes you beyond an amazing breeder, you are an exceptional and caring person for your puppies and your customers!"

Wendy with Paris the Havanese

Marvel Toy Aussiedoodle
Wendy and Paris the Havanese Puppy. Tiny Jewel Pups
Marvel the Toy Aussiedoodle Puppy
@gunsoutv John and Rodalyn with Kiera the Cavanese Puppy. Tiny Jewel  Pups.

"She (Kiera the Cavanese Puppy) is a little doll with a WILDLING spirit! She is fearless and super active but it is the cutest thing ever. We can tell she loves us and knows we love her."

John & Rodalyn


The Eskridge Family with Maisie the Cavanese Puppy. Tiny Jewel Pups
The Eskridge Family with Maisie the Cavanese Puppy. Tiny Jewel Pups

"She (Maisie the Cavanese) is the most wonderful puppy ever. Such a sweet girl. Crate trained to sleep with no issues. She's wonderful!"

The Eskridge Family

Fiona the Cavanese. Tiny Jewel Pups

"She is awesome! We love her so much, she is the sweetest, smartest baby ever!!!

Totally house broken, has learned a ton of tricks and only chewed on one thing she wasn't supposed to. She is about perfect!!!

Her personality and intelligence makes her even more adorable. Patrick and I have had many dogs that we loved and were great pets but we both agree none match Fiona. Thank you for breeding such amazing little pups!

We love her!!!"

Gwen Auman

Fiona the Cavanese

Dog Food Calcuator
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