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The Paws-itively Best Hypoallergenic Small Dog Breeds

Best Hypoallergenic Small Dog Breed

Best Hypoallergenic Small Dog Breeds: Havanese, Toy Poodle, Yorkie, and Designer Breeds


Woof! Welcome to our fun and fuzzy site, where we dish on the prettiest and cuddliest hypoallergenic small dog breeds! As a breeder who is obsessed with Havanese, Toy Poodle, Yorkie, and designer breeds, we are frequently asked, "What are the best small dog breeds?" In this piece, we'll discuss the numerous advantages of having a hypoallergenic dog and introduce you to the top breeds. So grab your leash and get ready to sniff out which one is the best fit for your family and lifestyle!

Best Hypoallergenic Small Dog Breed Havanese

1. The Havanese

Havanese, with their silky, flowing coats and endearingly expressive faces, are the furry superstars of the small dog world. These hypoallergenic charmers are ideal for allergy-prone families and first-time dog owners. Havanese dogs are highly clever and trainable, eager to please, and adapt well to a variety of living settings. Because of their gentle disposition and kind demeanor, they make excellent companions and therapy dogs.

Best Hypoallergenic Small Dog Breed Toy Poodle

2. The Poodle Toy

The Toy Poodle is a little version of the well-known Standard Poodle, with the same characteristic curly coat and intelligence. They are lively and affectionate, making them ideal for families with children, particularly those with allergies. Toy Poodles excel at agility and obedience training, making them an excellent choice for dog sports enthusiasts.

Best Hypoallergenic Small Dog Breed Yorkie

3. The Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)

Yorkshire Terriers, sometimes known as Yorkies, are little hypoallergenic dogs with a strong personality. They are well-known for their stunning, silky coats as well as their outspoken, fiery dispositions. Yorkies are bright and versatile, making them ideal for city and country life. They are devoted and kind toward their families, and their petite size makes them excellent for apartment living.

Best Hypoallergenic Small Dog Breed Designer

4. Designer Breeds

Designer breeds are produced by combining two purebreds to produce a one-of-a-kind combination of characteristics. Some prominent hypoallergenic designer breeds using one or both parents from the breeds described above are as follows:

- Cavapoo (King Charles Cavalier and Toy Poodle)

- Morkie (Maltese crossed with a Yorkshire Terrier)

- Havapoo (Poodle x Havanese)

- Chihuahua x Yorkshire Terrier (Chorkie)

- Yorkipoo (Yorkshire Terrier crossed with a Poodle)

These designer breeds can inherit both parent's greatest hypoallergenic features and temperament qualities, making them wonderful companions with distinct appearances and personality.


Each of these hypoallergenic small dog breeds has distinct characteristics that make them ideal companions for allergy sufferers. Consider temperament, energy level, grooming requirements, and suitability to your lifestyle when selecting the finest small hypoallergenic dog breed for your family. You'll have a loving and devoted animal buddy to spend your life with whether you choose a Havanese, Toy Poodle, Yorkie, or a designer breed.

To learn more about these magnificent hypoallergenic breeds, please visit our website at

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