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Tiny Jewel Pups
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Tiny Jewel Pups TDLR License

TDLR enforces rules and laws in an effort to maintain health and safety standards for each dog or cat in a TDLR licensed breeding facility.


Before issuing a license, TDLR inspects a breeding facility to make sure it meets standard of care requirements. Agency inspectors then visit breeding facilities at least once every 18 months, and other inspections may occur as needed.


Licensed breeders must adhere to standards of care in these areas:

● indoor or outdoor housing;

● enclosures;

● compatible grouping of animals;

● exercise for dogs;

● feeding, watering, cleaning, and sanitation;

● housekeeping and pest control;

● training of onsite personnel;

● grooming;

● veterinary care;

● sales and transfers; and

● transportation standards.


By law, TDLR must revoke a breeder license for a conviction or deferred adjudication for animal cruelty or neglect. TDLR can also revoke a breeder license if the licensee is convicted of other criminal charges that are not related to animal cruelty or neglect.

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